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SIA Annual Questions: 

SIA Annual Questions.pdf

 Draft Board Minutes:

Minutes 2021.11.8 Draft (002).pdf

Student Investment Account Narrative Plan 

Part One: General Information

District or Eligible Charter School

North Lake School District #14

Institution ID


Webpage (Where SIA Plan Update will be Posted)



Contact Info
Superintendent or School Leader

Name: Gail Buermann
Email: gbuermann@nlake.k12.or.us
Phone: 541-576-2121

Contact Info
Business Manager/Fiscal Point of Contact

Name: Sara Sarensen
Email: ssarensen@lakeesd.k12.or.us
Phone: 541-947-3371

Other Contact Person (optional)

Name: Amy Fortune
Email: afortune@lakeesd.k12.or.us
Phone: 541-947-3371


Part 2: Community Engagement, Equity, and Input

Community Engagement: Describe your approach to community engagement, including:

  • Describe how you engaged your focal student groups, their families, your staff, and your broader community to inform the SIA plan update for this cycle.(500 words or less)
    • We are using the same information collected last year, because in this COVID year, we were unable to fully address the concerns and needs shared in the surveys. We addressed other concerns or focal groups as necessitated by COVID, so in the coming year we plan to circle back to the original needs of those surveyed.

  • How did you build or adjust on your community engagement efforts from last year?
    • We did not build on the engagement efforts, but adjusted to meet the needs of our students. Because the needs of our students are the same this coming year, our focus will remain the same, as well.
    • We did launch a new District website, which is a much more efficient communication tool than our previous site.

  • Who else did you engage with this year who you didn't engage with last year?
    • We engaged with the same groups.

Equity Lens/Tool

  • Did you use the same equity lens/tool as last year (yes/no drop-down option)? If not, please upload your new equity lens/tool.
    • Yes. Same tool.
  • Summarize how the equity lens/tool was used, by whom, and when it informed the SIA plan adjustment or amendment. (500 words or less)
    • We reviewed our end of year student data in June 2021, and plan to address student needs for all student groups in the coming year.


  • Optional: Please include any other information or input that informed any adjustments or amendments to your SIA plan for the next two years.
    • We plan to continue to focus on providing a well-rounded education for all students. (This goal also supports with our High School Success/Measure 98 plan for the next biennium, as well as our SSA Summer Program for K-8 students which began June 21, 2021.)
    • Beginning in 2021-22 we will have part time services from two Behavioral Specialists to help address student behavior, socio-emotional and mental health needs. They will work with students, staff and parents.
    • We also hope to hire a full time mental health professional or school counselor to provide additional services to students, staff and parents.
    • To meet the needs of our students, we will continue our CDL program in the 2021-22 school year.
    • To the greatest degree possible, all other parts of the SIA plan will remain the same.
  • Optional: Please share how you’re prioritizing using SIA funds to support the Legislature’s encouragement to address student’s mental and behavioral health needs. Please also include the actual amount that you're allocating for this purpose.
    • We plan to hire a mental health professional or student counselor for the 2021-22 school year.

Part 3: SIA Plan and Budget Update


Part 4: Public Charter Schools (if applicable)


Upload updated district-charter agreement(s) for the next two years (as needed for those applicants that included charter(s) in this SIA plan update).